Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This is a time when the word desperation seems to be appropriate. I have tried to give this message out many times but it keeps coming back, the computer wont let it go out. I have been speaking on the 3pts to Overcome Trials. Being an overcomer in times of adversity. It takes me to the scriptures in 2Kings 6:24 Where they city was having a famine and there was no meat. So 2 women decided they would give their 2 children to be eaten so the 1st day they ate the one ladies little one and the 2nd day the other women had hidden her child.(this is desperation) So this matter was taken to the king and he got angry at Elisha for prophesying this famine. People will blame anyone when they are desparte. I want to encourage you to hold your tongue and emotions and dont fear the truth. I had a dear Pastor once tell me I had been thrown to the wolves by someone I so loved I could not believe it. My heart was so hurt it felt like a desperate pain to be used so someone else could hide their sins. You do not always get to the truth but when desperate times come say for Amercians, it can be I feel all this pressure, for Zimbweans it is there is no meat. The strength that I personally have witnessed is incredible. These people are overcomers through Christ who strengthens them. I stand and applaud this city of Harare with Celebration Centre as their strength they could teach the world. They are not running away, they are not blaming anyone. They pray through it all, and they are succeeding and rising above. Please pray how would you respond to this situation, would you be the blamer or pray through the tough times..

Much Love and Prayers Pastor Cindi


Kristin said...

Cindi, All the Metz's say Hi!! We love you sooo much, so much is happening here, I love reading your blog site and keeping up with you and your inspirational messages. They are actually right on with what is happening here to. Isn't God soo Good. Our prayers are with you. Hugs and kisses.

amy christine and shana nicole said...

We had "Africa night" here at the house tonight watching videos and telling stories... We all are praying for you and we miss you so so much! It's always an encouragement to see the faith of the people in Zim, in the midst of desperate situations. We can learn a lot from them. This is such an exciting time for the people in Zim because the pressing that's occurring is strengthening them, and because God is moving on their behalf they will soon see the breakthrough they are praying for!!

2 Chron. 16:9 "For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him."

We love you and are excited to see you! Hugs and Kisses!!!!

Pastor Cindi said...

My Loved Ones , This is so wonderful..My Heart is still wanting you to grab on to what is gong on in the spirit and from your words it seems as though you are all having your own break throughs in the spirit.
It is so much to see everything here has been slashed in half and yet there is no way to keep going but they do and they all realize it is only God. Last night we dined with Gary and Paola we listened to them talk of this time they are living and telling us of what they grew up in they are loyal. They are Overcomers in Christ they will not be moved by what they hear or see but by the spirit of God.Hallelujah!!
I must run big day. Love You all Pastor Cindi

Vili said...

Dear Cindi, I am so happy and exiting to read your blog site from my home in Bulgaria. I am really bless from all of your messages. Love you and hug you. Vili from Bulgaria. :)

Jaclyn said...

That is a great word - to be moved by the Spirit and not circumstances. Thats why Jesus could sleep in a storm - He had no fear of this world and was not moved by it! Be blessed!!! I love you!

Cher said...

Hello sister,
I,too stand wiyh you and applaud this city of Harare with Celebration Centre as their strength they could teach the world. , they are not blaming anyone. They pray through it all, I saw that first hand. I can see them succeeding and rising above. I'm pray through with them in these tough times..
sister my heart is there with you in spirit> I can feel your heart. I am grabbing on.
Thank you for the word and for the up date on every location. it helps with prayer and knowing what to pray for.

Well it is the 1st of Aug. See ou in 9 days.


John said...

I am enjoying reading your blog. It reminds me of how amazing our God really is. That on the other side of the world a nation is being tested, but even in that place there is a remnent standing up and taking ground in the name of the Lord.

Well, on this side of the world the sun is still rising in the east and setting in the west, and the McGov's are pushing deeper into God with every day!

You are in our prayers.

Pastor Cindi said...

I wake up to find we have inter-net,yeah! So needed the scripture keep ti coming.
We went into something so emotional you can,t imagine. Christain doctor lifeless
brains spilled out of his head and Doctor Reed takes me and Colleen into pray over him.
Then we went to the Lecture hall and the doctors piled in. One german dr. got saved. It was wonderful.
My time was to encourage lift them up. So many have fled the country. We leave today for Jo-berg..
We hope to call and get through. Went to St.Joseph boy,s home ,oh baby you would have cried .
they introduced me as the one who said she'd come back and she did. I must go try to write more in Jo.
Love Pastor Cindi

Anonymous said...