Friday, February 20, 2009

I Love you Lord!

I love you Lord. As I learn to come into obedience quicker and as I surrender my flesh  I feel such an incredible closeness with my Lord. I really feel my Father In Heaven looks down with delight 
thrilled that His daughter desires to please the heart of the Father. I am not perfect, but I am forgiven. I desire to show the love of My Lord . Let this grow in you more, ask every day for more love that you may show the heart of the Our Lord Jesus! He gave His life for us! Surely your could ask for more of that kind of love.  Its the day before my birthday and as I sit here I am filled with so much  love and adoration for  my Savior and King. He has truly let me fill his love. May the love of the Lord fill your home as you worship Him.    Oxoxoxoxo

Loving my Father and the Son and The Holy Spirit
    Pastor Cindi

Sunday, February 15, 2009

When we celebrate life we celebrate one another!

Don't let years go by while you ignore talking with someone who has hurt you OR with someone you have hurt. Is there anything so important that you would be willing to lose a precious life over? Because we will not mend our ways, because we allow the spirit of pride to reign, this keeps us from being whole.  Look at Psalm 23 and we see "Surely goodness and mercy will follow us all the days of our life". Let them! Let them be there and let them be what you imitate; Goodness and Mercy.

I realize; Understanding goals, relationships and who to help, and who to love is important. So be careful who you choose, and what you give your time to. You are not God, so you cannot change the world, He will. Trust Him and He will speak to you and tell you who you are called to and who you are not called to. In an old book written by Oral Roberts he wrote that the people he let closest to him are the ones who hurt him the most. He is very careful who he lets near him now; He shared this with me when I was with him on June 25th 2008.
Oh how weak the flesh is! Our words can so wound the body of Christ, I repent openly Father, I too, at one time or another have been involved in the wrong talk about the body of Christ. My soul weeps for those who are not willing to mend their ways or words.  

 It is the time that the Bridegroom soon cometh for His bride. The body is all split up with the stirring spirit's that will not, count it all joy. Move on ,"Love when it doesn't make sense". Celebrate one another while there is still time and please "Give Love" it is the greatest thing you can give..

I send out Love to all of you..

God Bless  you all 
Pastor Cindi