Thursday, July 12, 2007

We are in London!

We enjoyed our flight over. Layover in Dallas. Quick and easy. Excited for Action 2007 in London. More details to come later. Miss you all and wish you could be with us. Keep us in your prayers!


jaclyn said...

hurray! we love you so much, and are praying for you!

Pastor Cindi said...

So is anyone out there!! Other then jaclyn, which I want to thank you so much dear for dropping us a Line.. Action has kicked off to great start.. Pastor Bonnie has just brought a wonderful message to start things off.. I speak tomrrow.. Dear Lord i ask your mighty hand over all those we love and cherish..
We love you all..

Cher said...

Mom and Dad are on the train headed to Calif to be with Tk.

All is well.

Lord be with these 2 beautiful Godly women. Let everyone see you in them.
IS 41:10

Thank you Lord! Amen....

Anonymous said...