Monday, July 16, 2007

God is alway on the Move are you traveling with him!

The RADIANT FACE of Moses; my dear Lord keeps saying to me look at Exodus 34:29. Can you see it now? Why don't we walk around seeing the radiant faces. Because they are not spending time with their heavenly Father. I know the more time I spend with my Lord, the lighter I feel it as though nothing hits you hard, but the moment I let down my guard at all, that I did not take the hit on earlier, gets it 's way in.. The Lord pierced my heart with this on the plane I could not stop going over this portion of scripture. I saw How Moses would go in and out of the Holy of Holy's, and how he would tell the people what the Lord had commanded him to say ; they would see his radiant face, and he would have to cover it with a veil. The Lord showed His glory in so many ways to His chosen people (yes I understand the veil represents more for all those theologens out there! ) My Point Is how many ways God showed Himself and continues to and we just walk through life without a moments thought of How He waits to commun with His children and show His glory . In the Old Testament the Glory faded but In the New Testament Hallelujah!!! It can never fade for Christ was the veil. But then Why do we not see the glowing faces (do not give me a Type or shadow) I still feel the Lord trying to bring me into something special, just for me, but as my head races ,I am sharing the every thought with you .. Are you, out there inspired to see what our heavenly Father can show you today. Start pouring in and see what he is trying to show you ,some special gift waiting to be unwraped just by you so you may share it with others and inspire them to get a closer look at their Heavenly Father. We adore you Lord Jesus ! I will continue on with my study, and maybe share it..
Love To all I pray you are Safe and Full of His Glory
Pastor Cindi


Tyler said...

Well, I guess that would explain why your face is always gleaming.

Lord, I ask that as she meditates more on this that you reveal to her things supernaturally, Things she has never heard about your kingdom all of the sudden she knows. Lord Jesus let her mind be a classroom with you as the teacher. Amen

I love you guys and remember to tell everyone from the previous action hello. Actually tell me heaven-o instead of hell-o it sounds like a much better greeting. I’m just joking just give them a hug from me.

Cher said...

Hello Dear Sister,

Oh how the word just jumped out to me as I opened to bible to read along and in reading what you have shared with us all.
What a beautiful word form the Lord. I can see the hand of the Lord is with you.
May he pour that same radiance on our young lady Colleen.

May each day be well with you and well with our Lord.
Blessings to you and Colleen.
Keep writing, Keep teaching, and Keep on blessing us all who read your writings.

Thank you Father for all the blessing’s you are pouring out on Pastor Cindi and Colleen.

look down

All is well here in our household. Mom and Dad are doing well and T is on the rise. We all are great. Call

Jaclyn said...

I love what you wrote...we need lots more radiant faces, that is for sure! It reminds me so much of your sons, they were so bright, everyone noticed. And yes, I second what Tyler wrote...your face is always gleaming! I love you Pastor Cindi and Colleen!!!!!

Pastor Cindi said...

Thank you so much Tyler for your word of encouragement. Your heart for Jesus will give strenght to many. 1Cor 4:15 I exhort you to be imitmators of me..Says Paul so keep looking for those who will reflect the glow of CHrist in their walk.
Cher ; my Dear Sister One Million 200 hundred Thank you's . You are strenght Grace and the Love of God to all who know and Love you.
J, ThanK you so much for all you do.. Pictures should be comming so you can put some of Action 2007 London on..Love you Pastor Cindi

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