Thursday, August 2, 2007

One Day!

Wednesday Aug 1...this is our day.

We wake up. No power. No water. No electricity. No way to do our hair, brush our teeth, and its cold enough to see your breath in our room. We walk onto a platform none the less to speak to 500 women to also share the platform with another woman who spoke on her husband who had been thrown in jail by President Mugabe. Immediately after the meeting we are rushed to go and minister at the hospital with Dr. Reed, having no time to stop for lunch. We go to pray for a man in the ER, his name was Meshack. He had been hit on the highway on days prior and was considered a vegetable at this point. I can only thank God that I never had to see my sons...Colleen and I hold on to each other praying speaking health to his bones. Then we went to see a man who had puss around his heart because he was eating chicken, swallowed the bone, and the bone went through his air pipe and stuck his heart. His name was Leonard. We prayed a mighty word that God would rise him up out of that bed!! We are running through the hospital, as our time there is limited. We go to the lecture hall where there would be doctors. We were not expecting many, but the hall was almost full! God really gave me a word to rise them up and encourage them in the midst of desperation, desire to flee this country. There was a German doctor who got saved!!! All the doctors came down to receive prayer. These doctors are so open because of the heart of Dr. Reed. From there we went to the childrens ward. There were so many babies there to greet us, to sing to us. One girl had a tumor in her head that was growing out of her eye. The hospital does not have enough supplies to fully bandage her wound as we could see full well the tumor weeping out. They had cancer, eye problems, skin disease. But each one stood and sang to us, brought me out a beautiful cake and flowers. They all stood and received the Spirit. Truly incredible. We wanted to stay all afternoon and just be with them, love on them. But hours had passed already and it was time for our next appointment. We were to go and be with Miss J. She has a beautiful spirit. A true gift of teaching with such kindness and gentleness. She was excited to tell us that in January she will start teaching at the Church's school with a brand new ciriculum. Brand new to the whole country!! She believes it will change the way the students learn and grasp onto wisdom and knowledge. Before we knew it our precious driver had arrived to fetch us and take us back home to pack everything by candlelight since the power was still out!! We had one hour...By this time we had only been able to eat a couple slices of pizza on the run. when God is your source of strength you dont seem to think much on food during a day like this. One hour goes by quickly when you are packing! We were off to the boys home, St. Josephs to see Luke and all the other boys that we love so much. Taps lead worship and the spirit of God came like a river. The whole room filled as we all sang, and the boys linked arm in arm and praised God with all their hearts. God gave me a word to give them, like the victims of the Holocaust, the jews they are zimbabweans being rised up strong and mighty to take over like the Jews have now. The hearts of these young men, who dont even know the word mother and father, here they are praising the Lord with everything. So emotional for us. The day comes to a close and we drop in bed God ordained this day and we would not have had it any other way. It was a day that will be in our hearts forever. Much Love Pastor Cindi


Ansie Holtzhausen said...

May God continue to strengthen you and your team. His Word says that He who becan a good work in you, will be faithful to complete it in you. I love and miss you and will see you soon. Blessings, Ansie

Anonymous said...

Dearest One:
May our Lord Jesus continue to strenghten and give you the message for these people. He is mighty and just to deliver!!! He will give you visions in the darkness!!
May you know that many are praying for you and all there during this difficult time. I love you dear Pastor Cindi. God bless & keep you and Colleen near to HIS HEART!! Cathy

Cher said...

Praise be to our Lord. Way to go Heavenly Father...
The guidance and direction and the words you had them speaking to raise up your children in Africa.
All Praise to you Lord!!!

Oh! how my heart longs to see the hand of our heavenly father at work through you, one of his chosen vessels.

Thank you Lord, for your word and your promises. How they have shown through as you have spoken and moved through Pastor Cindi and her assistance Collen.

Heavenly Father I thank you for the Blessings you are pouring out on these two godly woman.

8 more days I'll be seeing you then.
Love lots. oxoxoxoxoxo

Munya said...

Pastor Cindi,

You smile is absolutely contagious and i see it on Colleen too. You guys are a blessing to my nation and i am blessed to know you.

When i see you i am filled with a feeling of expectancy of joyous moments because you are always smiling.

I spent about 2 hours on your site today because i wanted to know more about this angel in Zimbabwe and i am soooooooo touched by all that i have seen. It inspires me to want to walk with you so that i can learn from you a little more on how i can also shepherd and guide my athletes because i truly see a great work you are doing.

People cannot but be changed for greatness after being under your wings.

Thank you for the time you have poured into my people and my nation from orphan to athlete you are a blessing and we love you !

May you be evermore strengthened in your work and may you be flooded as you have flooded us with love

God Bless you

Munya "Sports Gatekeeper"

jaclyn said...

the house sends its love and kisses to you both!!!! our love also to our friends in zim and s. africa. keep pressing forward...our hearts are with you!

Pastor Cindi said...

My darling loves, you cannot begin to know the surprises that our Lord is doing right now . We have walked into the sweetest blessings and we can see clearly what the Lord has sent us here for. We are being ushered around wonderfully. People that lift us up in prayer, are helping to pray for a nation, you are helping to guide me through what God is depositing in me. Things are just dropping into my spirit and I could not be happier. The visions are quicker and stronger in clarity. I love you all. Please do not stop praying. Pastor Cindi

Dean Potter, SA said...

Pastor Cindi,

WOW!!! Thankyou once again for giving up such precious time and joining us at our Bible study group on Monday night. It was obvios once you, Colleen and Ansie left that all wished you could have stayed longer. We were all inspired once again. God Bless You on your travels and don't forget us. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...