Friday, October 16, 2009

My Heart Races at the thought of My Savior

I can't tell you all what it is like to have this incredible love inside of me for our Lord and Savior. I feel as though someone is tapping me on my shoulder some mornings, sometimes its a shove, a push, to wake me up and I hear loud and clear, "come be with me".

I race as though my breath has been taken away. I can't wait. I almost start to weep at the fact I can not get to Him quick enough. I know He is longing to be with me. I know He wants His time with me. He knows how deep I love and how I long for these mornings where no one can come between us. Its just me adoring Him!

Please this is real! Take the time to set your self apart from all the world's foolish business. What you give to Him is nothing compared to what He wants to give to you. I can feel His love pouring into my heart, it takes me to a place no one can.

Once I was told more then 20 years ago that "I loved too much". I wondered to myself, is that at all possible? The pastors wife who said this, finished with this statement, "that deep of love brings a deeper pain, a lot of hurt, is it necessary to put your heart out there like that, can't you just close it off?"

This is, the world of today, they have closed off there hearts and they are numb to His love. They have no passion that says "I must run to Him.."