Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This is a time when the word desperation seems to be appropriate. I have tried to give this message out many times but it keeps coming back, the computer wont let it go out. I have been speaking on the 3pts to Overcome Trials. Being an overcomer in times of adversity. It takes me to the scriptures in 2Kings 6:24 Where they city was having a famine and there was no meat. So 2 women decided they would give their 2 children to be eaten so the 1st day they ate the one ladies little one and the 2nd day the other women had hidden her child.(this is desperation) So this matter was taken to the king and he got angry at Elisha for prophesying this famine. People will blame anyone when they are desparte. I want to encourage you to hold your tongue and emotions and dont fear the truth. I had a dear Pastor once tell me I had been thrown to the wolves by someone I so loved I could not believe it. My heart was so hurt it felt like a desperate pain to be used so someone else could hide their sins. You do not always get to the truth but when desperate times come say for Amercians, it can be I feel all this pressure, for Zimbweans it is there is no meat. The strength that I personally have witnessed is incredible. These people are overcomers through Christ who strengthens them. I stand and applaud this city of Harare with Celebration Centre as their strength they could teach the world. They are not running away, they are not blaming anyone. They pray through it all, and they are succeeding and rising above. Please pray how would you respond to this situation, would you be the blamer or pray through the tough times..

Much Love and Prayers Pastor Cindi

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


What is the word for them now? A people where everything has been taken from them, food, utilities, etc. They run to find bread, any source of food, fuel, but it cannot be found. They welcome guests like myself with all they can pull together. You would never know there was any kind of shortage. They don't complain, they rejoice, because they are found stronger to go through something that no other country has been asked to go through. They are a choosen people. God showed me the Jew's in their worst hours and how strong this generation has been made to stand in the buisness domain. Well, Zim has some of the strongest prayer warrior's I've ever seen, how they will endure til the end and they will overcome. They will not be overtaken by lack, they will not be overtaken by powercuts, fuel price increase, They go to buy fuel and they find there is no power in which to bring the fuel up. Then you discover that the coupon is now no good! They are constantly overcomming the obstacles in front of them. They know how to pray without
stopping. If we could, as the body, be like this without having trials we would be high and lifted up, but we need this, or we, as a body would not think of praying. Most of us pray out of need...The greatest people were under a constant pressure. It is through that, that they were shaped...
What is God shaping you to be like? Do you crumble and break as the slightest thing happens? Are you worried all the time? Do you speak, " I am afraid of this and that."? Watch what comes out of your mouth, for there is life and death in the power of the tongue.

My heart wishes all could wittness what is happening here.
Please pray for us and all of Zim MUCH LOVE PASOTR CINDI

Friday, July 20, 2007

Fashion Show

Isn't our life like a fashion show on a runway? I Sam. 16:7 says its only God who is truly looking on the heart. It is man who looks on the outward appearance. Just think on how everyone waits for the bride to come down the isle to see what she is wearing. How we look is truly important to God, how he dresses up His earth. In Africa I see the most stunning colors, vibrant birds. This earth screams the excellence of God. I want to place in a poem today. I borrowed it from Pastor Sandy Ward. I will be reading it at a fashion show:


We are going in to Zim soon. Power is never guaranteed, so we may not be able to update. Please keep writing us though.

Pastor Cindi

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It is time to say goodbye to London!

Well as some of you may know, It is time also to give things up. When you leave the United States, There are things you can't find . I enjoy my Starbucks cup of coffee in the morning. I have enjoyed the 3 cups of Starbucks here as well. But It is time to say goodbye to many things that are hard to find. Once we Land in Zim,Africa we can't get many things . Shampoo, Conditioner, hair spray, toothpaste, cloths, shoes ,food ,water, electricty, Forget about even thinking there might be a STARBUCKS in Zim,

You see the point to this is many many times God asks us to lay things down and give things up, We don't, so He gently like a loving Father saying, you know that is not good for you. Only you know what He has asked, lay it down give it up, Your bitterness, your prideful thinking. Don't choose to punish people by your lack of talking to them, we have some cruel things we do to rule or get our way, Lay That Down, say goodbye to manipulation,Walk free of being controling. I see so many people trying to rule over other people and they have not yet got their own life in order. Stop trying to force your will on others and let it be God's will. I have to say goodbye to many things when I leave the United States. That is okay, you see, I live in the Land Of the Free where the blessings flow . I realize the greatness in our Great Country ,in Our people, and in our Hearts .
It is time to say goodbye to bad news and start spreading the Good news. Don't look at the flesh, look at the spirit of Christ in a man.. God is a God of Generations. Don't kill it with words , speak life to your surrounding, your situation, It may be awhile before we get up and going again on the blog, due to inability to get internet connection. Blessings and Love flowing through the power of the blood of our savior and King, Jesus.
Love Pastor Cindi

Monday, July 16, 2007

Are you faithful when no one is watching?

You chase after the Anointing, the Anointing does not go after you.. Elisha was serving the man of God and others tried to discourage him, but he never listened . He would not leave Elijahs side. Thus he got the double anointing.People are already planning the 2010 Olympic's they are budgeting for their hotel rooms . Yet they will not plan to chase after the voice of God or Hear what he says we should pour into.I have an anointing I need to unlock inside of me. and Iam going to chase after God.I must first realize who God placed in my Life to speak into me .. we become a people of let me Have my own way, my own Faith, that will get you nowhere. As the body is one they will raise up an army to move forward for Christ Jesus Our Lord and Savior.Every time you see some one serve the Man of God in the bible you see Him Blessed..Your involvement is the key to your calling how much our you willing to really put your self out there for the Love of God..Remember your response determines your destiny. You are part of something greater then yourself.If you have no appetite for the things of God then something is under threat. If we do not grow there is no life . You must desire to eat the word in order to thrive. We are salt to the world so shake out some salt . Make yourself get out of the Shaker so you can be used. We are the Flavor the spice that God uses to bring things together. Please I ask that you think on your words so that you may reach your destiny or potential in Christ. Release powerful Scriptures over yourself . Do not let anyone else Create your world , because they will create it too small.
I love you all keep Jesus in the center of your thoughts
Stay Focused
Pastor Cindi

Are you Faithful when no one see's It!!!

God is alway on the Move are you traveling with him!

The RADIANT FACE of Moses; my dear Lord keeps saying to me look at Exodus 34:29. Can you see it now? Why don't we walk around seeing the radiant faces. Because they are not spending time with their heavenly Father. I know the more time I spend with my Lord, the lighter I feel it as though nothing hits you hard, but the moment I let down my guard at all, that I did not take the hit on earlier, gets it 's way in.. The Lord pierced my heart with this on the plane I could not stop going over this portion of scripture. I saw How Moses would go in and out of the Holy of Holy's, and how he would tell the people what the Lord had commanded him to say ; they would see his radiant face, and he would have to cover it with a veil. The Lord showed His glory in so many ways to His chosen people (yes I understand the veil represents more for all those theologens out there! ) My Point Is how many ways God showed Himself and continues to and we just walk through life without a moments thought of How He waits to commun with His children and show His glory . In the Old Testament the Glory faded but In the New Testament Hallelujah!!! It can never fade for Christ was the veil. But then Why do we not see the glowing faces (do not give me a Type or shadow) I still feel the Lord trying to bring me into something special, just for me, but as my head races ,I am sharing the every thought with you .. Are you, out there inspired to see what our heavenly Father can show you today. Start pouring in and see what he is trying to show you ,some special gift waiting to be unwraped just by you so you may share it with others and inspire them to get a closer look at their Heavenly Father. We adore you Lord Jesus ! I will continue on with my study, and maybe share it..
Love To all I pray you are Safe and Full of His Glory
Pastor Cindi

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Well we are in our room and Action 2007 London has come to an end. We grew leaps and bounds; the teaching is so rich,
and non stop you not only hear, but you see it put into Action.. Today Pastor Tom spoke on Neh 1:1 He brought out that Nehemiah was the man who held the cup. Then the King called (him)to rebuild the city wall .. So Neh : said go out the front door of your house look at the wall and start building your area. So Pastor Tom said walk out your front door and take your domain.. Your work area, your house.. You can be one who rebuilds walls. He spoke about the different levels in which people live at low levels like when people walk in fear, it robs their peace, joy, and sound mind. So much to tell and at this time over here it is not quite coming off as I would like. Pastor Jeff spoke today on the type of pain you endure, is the type of pain killer you will be used in for others. God is about changing you, not you changing God, think on it.. On the lighter side of things WE HAD A BOMB SCARE! Just last night, okay maybe it is best you don't get this whole story.. All is well and only one lady was hurt out of the whole 4:00 in the morning scare. (We slept through it) Cops Sirens and all phone calls, people running, crying,ice pack...
Well just another travel story, Hey Did I tell you I got bit by a Croc, on the last trip to Zim..

May God's greatest moments be yours today. Kisses to all, give someone a hug today just for me.

Love Pastor Cindi

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hello Dear ones
What a word that was given today. We have been encouraged and wow it was powerful.
I spoke today and the Holy Spirit really came in in such a sweet way..
I love what the Lord has been showing me, last night I could not go to sleep my head was racing..
Super powerstuff that I was seeing . Colleen of corse is such a hug blessing no one can ever understand
unless you are with me, how these things just take off. It was such a gift that the Lord sent her with me. So to all who are out there looking on. Know this, we are truly grateful for all your prayers please do not stop. We have been so blessed just to be in the sweetness of our Lords children . Pastor Tom and I have had some wonderful talks, with Colleen taking notes.. PLEASE KEEP
Writing it means so much when your out on the road like this.. I am carefully praying over each who wrote !!!
Thank you! Love Pastor Cindi

Friday, July 13, 2007

Action Conference 2007 - London

Action has kicked off to great start...Pastor Bonnie has just brought a wonderful message to start things off...I speak tomorrow...Dear Lord I ask your mighty hand over all those we love and cherish...We love you all!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

We are in London!

We enjoyed our flight over. Layover in Dallas. Quick and easy. Excited for Action 2007 in London. More details to come later. Miss you all and wish you could be with us. Keep us in your prayers!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Returning to Africa

Pastor Cindi and Colleen will be traveling to London and Africa during July and August!