Sunday, July 29, 2007

Back from Vic falls


Cher said...

Glad to hear from you.
How was it?
What was the service like for you with the lord at your side?

How are you? How are things going?
Miss our talks. Miss you!!!

How is Pastor Bonnie? Everone in good health????
How is the Family their? How is John doing. Ben has he gotten quite again. Oh! Daniel, how is that growing little man? And Sarah How tall is she now. I miss her smiles and I miss all of them. there hugs. Send my love to ALL of them. Pastor Tom, Lord bless them all.......
Love you lots, love you much.

Anonymous said...

I keep feeling God press into me that the His joy is my strength! No where else can I get that feeling, that surge of wonderful joy!!! I pray that I become contagious to all those around. Over and over again that is confirmed by people telling me that my laugh or smile is conatgious. I praise our wonderful Father that He is using me to touch people's lives in this way. I pray that the Lord has given you favor in all that you are doing there. Can't wait for the time that the Lord allows me to step foot into Africa...oh what a glorious day that will be! I love you and think of you always. The bond that we have no one can break. LOVE YOU!!!

Kellie Bells :)

Anonymous said...

Cindi, loved visiting with you over the 4th of July and have enjoyed reading your blogs.

Keeping you in prayer,

Stacy Schlobohm

Jaclyn said...

Everyone here misses you ladies so is good to know you are back from Vic Falls and I pray God's continued power, provision and covering as you continue to minister in Africa.

I love you!

Shana Nicole said...

I love you so so so much! Are you back in Jo'Berg now? Tell the crew there that I love them. I praise God for the favor and blessings you have been walking in. Hugs and Kisses!!

Pastor Cindi said...

Hello Dear Ones:
I love you all thank you for touching base with me so far away from home.We have just come back to Zim from Vic Falls we will leave this thursday for Jo-berg. I will be speaking alot then until I fly home.. Colleen has been such a gift and a great companion. We were so blessed .When you are going night and day it is alway great to have a time when you can play . Colleen and I zipped lined the gorge at Victoria Falls.
It was a lot of fun!!! Love you all Keep writting.
Love Pastor Cindi

Waheeda A. Sheriff Muti said...

Its nice to be able to read what you girls are up to, it doesn't seem as though your so far way. You are in in and out of my mind like a permanent picture, and I love when Gods reminds me of you, it brings such joy to my heart. I love you and I am in pray now more then ever for you, I feel as though Gods going to make this last period of time there very special, and I am praying your heart and Collen's are open to love what ever God has in-store for you. Take care, love always Waheeda

Pastor Cindi said...

Thank you all for all your encouragement . Great to hear from each of you hello to Waheeda.. Thank you we are finishing strong.
August 1 2007 I speak at the Womens meeting here on 3pts. Preparation; how God prepared me for what I have been walking thru. 2Tim 4:2 Deut 31:6 Be strong and couragous. 2.Do not Isolate yourself. Gen2:18
it is not good for man to be alone. 3.Motivation.. I will speak in The Hospital to all the Doctors who have not fled the country . Then speak later that night at St.Joseph's Home for Boys this is very emotional for me, it hits my heart heavy please pray most have never even heard the words Mother or Father. All My Love Pastor Cindi

Pastor Cindi said...

My dearest , I send all the love this computer can handel. You are my kiss from God, dear ones thanks for hearing my voice. This is new for me but it will help me to write that long awaited for book. You are to be applauded for staying with this trip. So much I desired to put out but through black outs and such it was a small challenge. We have back to back day starting early.You are all in my heart tonight as I go to bed I will be on my knees for America.We must not stop praying for our country. Holding up those in office.God give them strenght.. Much Prayers ,Pastor Cindi

Cher said...

Get your rest you two. God needs you well rested.

All is well with the whole fam.
Everyone is good.

I have a new 11 week old puppie. (Who knew)-). his weight is 2lbs. 8oz.

Sofia is having a blaste with the little guy. (Rocky).

Staying busy with Dr. Apt. Just the norm. You know!!

Thanks for our prayer for America.

My prayers are with you both daily. That God's continuious power, provision and covering that was spoken over you, keep you going strong till you reach USA (home)land.
I can hardly wait to see photos and hear you speek in the barn.

Oh through these notes you have done lots changing even in your writings. Good work to you Pastor Cindi and Colleen.. Good Night....

Anonymous said...


Jonie Wise said...

Zechariah 5:9 “I looked up again and saw two women come soaring with the wind in their wings--they had wings like those of a stork--” There are female Angels.
Take care of yourself. God bless. Love Jonie Wise