Friday, September 21, 2007

Didn't you read my Book ? Is not something I want to hear from the King of Kings

How much time are you spending with our Lord, He is as near as your bible, just open it up and say Lord here I am lets do lunch. I like to take Him every where with me. I want my Lord to know I Love Him, so I take His love letter when I am running out. I would not want to get Heaven and hear Him say didn't you read my Book? Much Love, Pastor Cindi

Do you have a clear zone

Around here we talk of the clear zone. Somewhere you can go where there are no lies and no secrets. Imagine a place that you have nothing to hide, so your mind is not busy hiding thoughts. You have the clarity of heart to hear God. You can feel him all around. Your every thought is how to show the love of God to those you are around everyday. People walk around in a hurry, not caring.They want to be in a hurry. They don't want to be real or expose themselves to the opportunity to be real or show love.
The hurry-hurry syndrome often destroys a person and their sensitivity. And of course, sensitivity is a key to effective relationships. So slow down. I myself, am guilty of broken relationships from the hurry syndrome, and from keeping secrets. Before in life, I would talk everything out with my husband and he with me. Now there is a new season in life, I myself am in, and It is good to take everything to God, but I also hold myself accountable to 3 pastors and it has more than blessed me to keep it real and to slow down. Relax, come into a real "Clear Zone" let life go on around you and be part of the heart of God that takes time to help a Brother or Sister in Christ. No more secrets, no more hiding. Come clean so you can think clear. Don't let yourself be robbed of "The Clear Zone". Peace comes in and is so soothing to your soul that you find yourself able to relax; to have peace inside of you.
Then your fire does more than give light; it inflames, and the flames which sat upon each show them that they were to be ablaze with the love, intense with zeal, burning with self-sacrifice. This can be you...Live in the "Clear Zone". I invite you, come in, sit down, be used...Love Pastor Cindi

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Don't be afraid to show your heart!

It seems to me that people are so afraid to show their heart and put their self out there. They are afraid they will get hurt, or be used. Well that is true, you most likely will get hurt; but the pain will be worth it all if you can reach outside yourself and help another. Be Christ to someone else, show them the characterisitics of Christ that you see in the word of God . He was selfless, tender, He had deep concern for His children, and He reached out to the widows and the orphans. James 1:27 says "the pure and true reliegion is the ones who reach out to the widows and orphans in their time of need". We walk around saying "I am so afraid, I don't want to be hurt". Well what does that look like? Shut in, hard, don't touch me! (a look on their face that keeps people away)........Is this you? Do you long for fellowship? Are you lonely? Reach out! Get out of your comfort zone and help someone else. What do you do with the scripture, "Love your neighbor as yourself"? Come on get out there! Start reaching out so this world can start coming back into the balance of the gospel. We have managed to remove so much care from our lives, we make jokes about the elderly, we put them away. We make commercials of old men and women in their daily struggles of life. It is not funny. We put all our babies in day care because we want a better life for them and yet we give them less of us. How does that measure out? Not too good. It isn't. I understand there are special cases but not to the measure of what is happening. Holding them tells them they're valuable little treasures and they gain self worth. We have the power inside of us to turn the tide; to change a generation. Let's use it for God's glory! I love you! God's strength be on you!

Pastor Cindi

Thursday, September 6, 2007


I have always heard of setting goals and staying focused on them. Once, I even had a man remind me of the "List"on Priorities;
1. God
2. Family
3. Job
4. Ministry
5. Others
The 1st statement to make about this is that the man himself could quote this but was challenged when it came to following any part of that list. Knowing he could quote it, means, at some time in his life it might become real to him. He could crush any family member at any moment if they did not come into like thinking with him. So having words come from your mouth isn't always proof that you know something. Walk it out. Be Christ to your family members, your way is not the only way, it is just a way. What you are most pre-occupied with, will show you your list. Take it easy on yourself when you find out He is not 1st on the list and just start setting goals to talk to Him. Set your reminder on your cell phone, must talk to God for # minutes this afternoon. Just keep going, every person has a goal seeking system. Whatever he sets his eye upon, his entire person (heart, attitudes, emotions, arms, legs, mind, thought, etc.) will fall into line to seek out and achieve that goal. Listen to your words and they will tell you what is primary in your life. Is your conversation filled with truth, justice and concern for building quality relationships in your life? What is in the heart will come out of the mouth. Watch how you respond when you feel someone has cheated you. What is more important, the money or the relationship? Get God onto the top of the list. Diligently guard your goals. Invest your life into relationships and ye shall live and not become a faucet. Don't be drained, keep Him 1st, and all else will follow.

Do you really enjoy your life? Perhaps you should re-examine your primary goal. Love Pastor Cindi

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My Heart does Hunger for a new fresh look at His Word

I Hunger for the love of Jesus to be so real in real that it melts the lies and the eyes that desire to sin and to live in a world of false humility that seems to lift man up in other's eyes, instead of being true. Even this is imitated. My heart aches for the lies running around in the confines of human flesh. Where we think, 'if we hide, we are in the clear', instead of coming straight out with it. When you keep covering up lies and secrets they busy your mind so you can not think clearly and you cannot operate in the way God has planned for you to move in Him. That, I believe, is the Satan's great plan to steal what is real. We have a generation that wants to be real while they are still in 'acting mode' and can't seem to find the way to "realness". Where are the examples? Where is the body standing up and saying "I am here, I am REAL"!! Jesus is REAL! My God is REAL! He REALLY sent His Only Son! THIS IS REAL!!!
Father in Heaven, how can I get through to your children that you are real, and you LOVE your children, and there is nothing else!
Pastor Cindi