Sunday, July 15, 2007

Well we are in our room and Action 2007 London has come to an end. We grew leaps and bounds; the teaching is so rich,
and non stop you not only hear, but you see it put into Action.. Today Pastor Tom spoke on Neh 1:1 He brought out that Nehemiah was the man who held the cup. Then the King called (him)to rebuild the city wall .. So Neh : said go out the front door of your house look at the wall and start building your area. So Pastor Tom said walk out your front door and take your domain.. Your work area, your house.. You can be one who rebuilds walls. He spoke about the different levels in which people live at low levels like when people walk in fear, it robs their peace, joy, and sound mind. So much to tell and at this time over here it is not quite coming off as I would like. Pastor Jeff spoke today on the type of pain you endure, is the type of pain killer you will be used in for others. God is about changing you, not you changing God, think on it.. On the lighter side of things WE HAD A BOMB SCARE! Just last night, okay maybe it is best you don't get this whole story.. All is well and only one lady was hurt out of the whole 4:00 in the morning scare. (We slept through it) Cops Sirens and all phone calls, people running, crying,ice pack...
Well just another travel story, Hey Did I tell you I got bit by a Croc, on the last trip to Zim..

May God's greatest moments be yours today. Kisses to all, give someone a hug today just for me.

Love Pastor Cindi


Shana Nicole said...

I hope you can get that message on CD because you know how I love Nehemiah! and a bomb scare?!!?! glad everyone is ok. miss you and love you both so so much!!!

John McGovern said...

So This is pretty nifty! Its like having unlimited texting... Only much slower... and not on your phone... Any way, I am stoked to hear that everything is going well and love the little bit of the messages you have posted so far. Keep them coming if you have the time. All is well on the Lees Summit front. I am still flying about every other day and just yesterday my instructor said I have 2 more flights then I can take the test I have been preparing for all summer! Also, I would like to point out that the lighter note of your post was a bomb scare! God must be doing some great things!!!

Ok that is it God bless you both and I look forward to August!

Cher said...

Oh My! what wonderful teaching. How the Lord is good all the time.
as Shana Nicole said I also hope that you are able to get a CD.

What a might God we serve.
Lord and savior keep on Blessing and protection My Godly sisters.

I can do all things with Christ at me side.

Huges and Kisses

All is very well here. tomorrow at 8am we take a visit.

Anonymous said...