Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It is time to say goodbye to London!

Well as some of you may know, It is time also to give things up. When you leave the United States, There are things you can't find . I enjoy my Starbucks cup of coffee in the morning. I have enjoyed the 3 cups of Starbucks here as well. But It is time to say goodbye to many things that are hard to find. Once we Land in Zim,Africa we can't get many things . Shampoo, Conditioner, hair spray, toothpaste, cloths, shoes ,food ,water, electricty, Forget about even thinking there might be a STARBUCKS in Zim,

You see the point to this is many many times God asks us to lay things down and give things up, We don't, so He gently like a loving Father saying, you know that is not good for you. Only you know what He has asked, lay it down give it up, Your bitterness, your prideful thinking. Don't choose to punish people by your lack of talking to them, we have some cruel things we do to rule or get our way, Lay That Down, say goodbye to manipulation,Walk free of being controling. I see so many people trying to rule over other people and they have not yet got their own life in order. Stop trying to force your will on others and let it be God's will. I have to say goodbye to many things when I leave the United States. That is okay, you see, I live in the Land Of the Free where the blessings flow . I realize the greatness in our Great Country ,in Our people, and in our Hearts .
It is time to say goodbye to bad news and start spreading the Good news. Don't look at the flesh, look at the spirit of Christ in a man.. God is a God of Generations. Don't kill it with words , speak life to your surrounding, your situation, It may be awhile before we get up and going again on the blog, due to inability to get internet connection. Blessings and Love flowing through the power of the blood of our savior and King, Jesus.
Love Pastor Cindi


John McGov said...

YAY! It looks like I am the first post on this thread! Well, Your words are so very true and are full of great wisdom. we are continuing to pray for you here in Lees Summit.

Even right now God, I pray for a continuation of that hedge of protection that you have created around Cindi, and I call out for an out pouring of a greater anointing on her.

Well, much love. Enjoy Africa (again) and I will be looking forward to the next installment!

Cher said...

Blessings and Love flowing through the power of the blood of our savior and King, Jesus. to you sister.

We all love you and miss you, keep up the writings and we all are praying for you each day.

Daily my the Lord of our savior be with you, around you and before you, beneath you. With his love and protection.

we wait to read one of your beautiful message.

Love Momma, Daddy, T.k. and Cher

I John 4:7-8

Jaclyn said...

You always have the best things to say! I know He will continue to pour out His blessings on you and Colleen as you travel. That new doors will be opened and many many more lives touched! We are holding down the fort here...I miss you and love you so much!

Pastor Cindi said...

Thank you John for your prayers. Please give your famiy a big "hello" from us. It means so much to see someone writing from back home, you cannot know!
I will write more later. We have two more days with power for sure, after that well, only God knows. But keep writing and praying. There is civil unrest and rioting in places we are going. So keep praying. We love you!

Pastor Cindi said...

Cher, as always you are a tremendous blessing. I Sam 16:7 "While man looks on the outside, God looks on the heart" and it is only the heart that I can see this far away in your words on this screen. Thank you so much, Love your sister.

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