Sunday, June 29, 2008

To those who are GAY! I love you! You are not alone....

Everyone battles with something, and I see the lie that has been sold here in the body of Christ, you can't pull out , you can't tell anyone, your stuck. It Is a lie, yes a lie.. Satan so wants to keep you from moving forward in what you were called to, he wants to keep you confused. This I believe is his 1st purpose. Then He can keep you form moving forward in your God given Greatness, we are all called to greatness. Some of us just believe a lie and become paralyzed in our walk by the things that are introduced into our minds. We can not be careful enough with what we see, say, or hear, this is the end times. How long is your life? You see it is not that long. You are only given a short time in which to fulfill the call on your life, satan wants you distracted so he can keep you from bringing more into the Kingdom of God. He so wants to slow you down so you will not operate to the fullness of your ability. I love you all and I am praying that you will come into the fullness of Christ. Repent and walk away and walk towards the greatness God has for you.
A mother's love,
Pastor Cindi

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Discovering the gifts inside of you." Look your Great"

When I walk into a room The Lord has let me see, who was lost, and who was scared, who felt they did not belong ,who did not know who he or she was . If allowed to get near, The Lord would always have me speak what is the greatness locked up inside of them.
My Husband and I would see a baby and say did you see that baby, He is so gifted. We prayed the parents would see it and guide them in the spirit.. We saw the world squash the gifting of parents, with television we saw babies become transformed , the reshaping of generation thru video games ,its ok to have this in your home ,the whole world is doing it. No! The whole world is not doing it . We are called to be set a part. what are you doing that makes you at first view look set apart.. Is there a glow that say they must be a child of the King. I want to glow I want to have a face that can transform the humanity of this world to seek our Lord and Savior. May you be challenged to call out and look at the gifts you were born with. If any of you lack wisdom let him ask of G-d, that giveth to all men liberally,and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him" James 1:5 Thou through thy commandments hast made me wiser than mine enemies: for they are ever with me," Psalm 119:98..

I want to encourage you to look at what you drew as a child, what was the constant picture you drew, what was your passion?
What brings tears to your eyes ,what is it that,that you now say, I can not look at those pictures it hurts me to much , It might just be your passion, that has been pushed away. shoved down deep so you will not find out your greatness. Look inside "You Are GREAT"!
He made you how could you not be Great.........

Love and Prayer in Him who made us Great!

Pastor Cindi