Monday, August 6, 2007

It's a new day and new heart for Jesus!

Today we went into the Indian Market places it was quite a change,we really enjoyed it. God is always showing us so much new in Him.. The more you travel the more you expose yourself to God's different people I love how He has made all of us so unique.The Lord tug's at my heart for His children. I can't even give into this computer the emotions at this moment that He has overwhelmed in me . It is just coming up and over I don't know what He is doing but he is taking me away agian very soon I see another Nation coming to me at night I must go.Yes it is India! I feel it at this momet so big . God use me. Send Me . Send me,was the song Nino wrote more then 4 years ago and I can only hear it now.Well we will see what comes of this.. Keep your head in the word. Love and prayers Pastor Cindi