Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hello Dear Angels

We had a explosive time in Potchefstroom with the Ladies meeting on Friday night the Lord brought forth a beautiful song.
Then on Saturday we had a Womens meeting called "Reboot". It was wonderful. They were so open and receptive to the move of the Holy Spirit. What a wonderful group of ladies. We took a tea break so sweet , then we started on the second half of the meeting and I spoke again for the next hour or so. Again, the Holy Spirit truly moved on these ladies . We were so blessed with these warm and loving Famliy members in Christ. They wanted all the Lord had for them, they were not missing a thing. Then that night they had me come to the evening prayer and minister there was quite a touch from the Lord. Then this morning it was great to see the whole church worship. They are a church on the move. They have such a deep love to see the body become one. This is a Pastor worth watching(watch His space) so much vision..Blessings on all of you talk more later.
Pastor Cindi


Anonymous said...

Hello Pastor Cindi! Your wonderful sister Cher told me about your blog site, what a blessing. I have gone back and read through a number of your older posts. It's amazing to read all that you have shared with us. I have been praying for you and Colleen, and look forward to seeing you soon! Love you, Allison

Tiaan and Ingebörg said...

Dear Ps Cindi,
Thank you for what you have deposited in our lives and the lives of the church this past weekend! This morning we are still a little bit overwhelmed. We have met a lot of different men and women of God over the years, but this time was so different. There was something that touched our hearts, not just words, which will stay with us forever. It truly was an amazing time and our lives were changed forever. To be honest we did not know what to expect, only that we had a word that you should come, but you brought such a deep impartation, a fresh anointing and presence of the Holy Spirit. We have learned so much and the seed that you’ve planted inspire us to grow and we’ll keep you updated on all the testimonies. We pray for you and the Colleen that you will have a safe trip home, and God will continue to bless your work.
Much Love,
Tiaan and Ingebörg,
South Africa

Louise Buys said...

Dear Pastor Cindi, I am looking back on the weekend and am so grateful for the privilege we had to meet you and Colleen. You said a lot of things but what stayed with me is a hunger and a thirst for the Spirit of God, a desire for a bigger capacity to contain the Spirit of God. Thank you so much for coming. Thank you for sharing and imparting into our lives. May God bless you indeed! Lots of love. Louise, Potchefstroom, SA

Pastor Cindi said...

My Heart is touched by your messages. Tonight I speak again in Jo-berg.South Africa. I am very excited about that. Please always know I want and covet your prayers. Much Love PastorCindi

Anonymous said...