Thursday, August 9, 2007

Three chord can not be broken!

This morning as I awoke the Lord showed me a tree that had been cut into, and salve was placed in the wounded area . Then a 3 strung chord around the tree. to support it. This was me 3 years ago. The Holy Spirit is the salve that heals and the chord the Father ,Son, and the Holy Spirit. I stayed tight in the word and the healing cane in so strong . I encourage anyone who is hurting to to get into the word of God and pray without ceasing. This is what gave me strength to weather the storms that came.My God Is the Breath I breathe......Strength to all ..
Much Love Pastor Cindi


Cher said...

Sister, after reading your Three Chord.
This song came to my mind.
(I'm Giving You Praise)
the first line says;
There's not a word that I know can express all that your love has done for me.
There's not a song tht I know I can sing that can capture what You really mean to me.
But I know I'm created to carry Your praise.
Let all that is within me say.
I'm giving you praise, I'm giving you worship.
I'm giving you all that's in my heart.
I'm giving you praise. I'm giving you wroship
Jesus receive this sacrifice.

[ can you hear the song by Pastor Bonnie?]

Here I stand, I lift my hands to you, Jesus.
With no shame I call your name, O Lord Jesus.

I love the verse that saids; But I know I was created to carry your praise. Let all that is within me say.......

Strength you baby sister, see you soon.

All my love

Cher said...

May the favor of the lord be as a shield PS: 5 vs12

Jaclyn said...

We pray all of God's blessings over your travels back home! May doors of favor and opportunity continue to open before you. See you soon...we are excited!!!! Hugs and Kisses!

Anonymous said...

I am assuming you guys are some where in the sky right now winging your way back home. It has been such a blessing being able to check in with the blog and touch (in a small way) what God is doing there.

Well, get plenty of rest when you get home and if you feel so inclined my phone is always on....

Love you guys.

-John AKA that pilot guy....

Martin said...


Wow ... you did it again!!!!

When we needed it the most our Father sent you to us with a perfect devine touch by His Spirit.

What a Lady of God you are!!!!


Anonymous said...