Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Don't be afraid to show your heart!

It seems to me that people are so afraid to show their heart and put their self out there. They are afraid they will get hurt, or be used. Well that is true, you most likely will get hurt; but the pain will be worth it all if you can reach outside yourself and help another. Be Christ to someone else, show them the characterisitics of Christ that you see in the word of God . He was selfless, tender, He had deep concern for His children, and He reached out to the widows and the orphans. James 1:27 says "the pure and true reliegion is the ones who reach out to the widows and orphans in their time of need". We walk around saying "I am so afraid, I don't want to be hurt". Well what does that look like? Shut in, hard, don't touch me! (a look on their face that keeps people away)........Is this you? Do you long for fellowship? Are you lonely? Reach out! Get out of your comfort zone and help someone else. What do you do with the scripture, "Love your neighbor as yourself"? Come on get out there! Start reaching out so this world can start coming back into the balance of the gospel. We have managed to remove so much care from our lives, we make jokes about the elderly, we put them away. We make commercials of old men and women in their daily struggles of life. It is not funny. We put all our babies in day care because we want a better life for them and yet we give them less of us. How does that measure out? Not too good. It isn't. I understand there are special cases but not to the measure of what is happening. Holding them tells them they're valuable little treasures and they gain self worth. We have the power inside of us to turn the tide; to change a generation. Let's use it for God's glory! I love you! God's strength be on you!

Pastor Cindi


Anonymous said...

Pastor Cindi
Warm greetings out of a sunny Johannesburg, South Africa. Christ was the heart of the Father expressed and He chose us to represent Him on earth. Isn't that just awesome. Just goes to show how much heart we must really manifest. God bless you. Pastor Riaan

Anonymous said...

I love you and want you to know a God inspired word is always fitly worn. Thank you for the inspiration .


Cher said...

Dear Pastor Cindi,

Your message of “Don’t be afraid to show your heart” is very good.
It reminded me of what Pastor Bonnie spoke on in the barn from her book “The Great Connection. She spoke on the different ways to praise our Lord Jesus and our Heavenly Father.
Yadah! Towdah! :-)
She also brought up that same point about the people being worried about what they look like when they are praing the Lord.Peole worry to much about what others may think or say out loud about how they praise and worship..

There are many benefits when we do step out.
When we stop saying those negative words over ourselves.
Jesus said: We have what we say.

You are the Bold child God has chosen to speak for our Father. Amen, He knew what he was doing when he picked you to be his spokes person.
You keep on, keeping on and maybe more will be moved to do it just for the Lord.

Much Love to you sis.

Anonymous said...