Friday, September 21, 2007

Do you have a clear zone

Around here we talk of the clear zone. Somewhere you can go where there are no lies and no secrets. Imagine a place that you have nothing to hide, so your mind is not busy hiding thoughts. You have the clarity of heart to hear God. You can feel him all around. Your every thought is how to show the love of God to those you are around everyday. People walk around in a hurry, not caring.They want to be in a hurry. They don't want to be real or expose themselves to the opportunity to be real or show love.
The hurry-hurry syndrome often destroys a person and their sensitivity. And of course, sensitivity is a key to effective relationships. So slow down. I myself, am guilty of broken relationships from the hurry syndrome, and from keeping secrets. Before in life, I would talk everything out with my husband and he with me. Now there is a new season in life, I myself am in, and It is good to take everything to God, but I also hold myself accountable to 3 pastors and it has more than blessed me to keep it real and to slow down. Relax, come into a real "Clear Zone" let life go on around you and be part of the heart of God that takes time to help a Brother or Sister in Christ. No more secrets, no more hiding. Come clean so you can think clear. Don't let yourself be robbed of "The Clear Zone". Peace comes in and is so soothing to your soul that you find yourself able to relax; to have peace inside of you.
Then your fire does more than give light; it inflames, and the flames which sat upon each show them that they were to be ablaze with the love, intense with zeal, burning with self-sacrifice. This can be you...Live in the "Clear Zone". I invite you, come in, sit down, be used...Love Pastor Cindi