Friday, September 21, 2007

Didn't you read my Book ? Is not something I want to hear from the King of Kings

How much time are you spending with our Lord, He is as near as your bible, just open it up and say Lord here I am lets do lunch. I like to take Him every where with me. I want my Lord to know I Love Him, so I take His love letter when I am running out. I would not want to get Heaven and hear Him say didn't you read my Book? Much Love, Pastor Cindi


Anonymous said...

Aunt Cindi,
I just wanted to tell you I love you and I hope this is the correct place to keep in touch so you can read it anytime. I enjoy readig what you write ,its really good words of encouragement and reminders of things I already know but need to read again. You are in my prayers.
blessing and favor may the lord grant you everywhere you go. I love you , I love you I love you

Anonymous said...

hey Aunt Cindi!
Its your neice Holly.
I finally found your site.
Though I dont see why it was so difficult for me to find.
But heres my email
once you send me an email on there
we can finally talk after all this time.

we've missed you.

Anonymous said...


I loved seeing your beautiful face tonight! I love you and miss you,
God Bless,


Anonymous said...