Thursday, September 6, 2007


I have always heard of setting goals and staying focused on them. Once, I even had a man remind me of the "List"on Priorities;
1. God
2. Family
3. Job
4. Ministry
5. Others
The 1st statement to make about this is that the man himself could quote this but was challenged when it came to following any part of that list. Knowing he could quote it, means, at some time in his life it might become real to him. He could crush any family member at any moment if they did not come into like thinking with him. So having words come from your mouth isn't always proof that you know something. Walk it out. Be Christ to your family members, your way is not the only way, it is just a way. What you are most pre-occupied with, will show you your list. Take it easy on yourself when you find out He is not 1st on the list and just start setting goals to talk to Him. Set your reminder on your cell phone, must talk to God for # minutes this afternoon. Just keep going, every person has a goal seeking system. Whatever he sets his eye upon, his entire person (heart, attitudes, emotions, arms, legs, mind, thought, etc.) will fall into line to seek out and achieve that goal. Listen to your words and they will tell you what is primary in your life. Is your conversation filled with truth, justice and concern for building quality relationships in your life? What is in the heart will come out of the mouth. Watch how you respond when you feel someone has cheated you. What is more important, the money or the relationship? Get God onto the top of the list. Diligently guard your goals. Invest your life into relationships and ye shall live and not become a faucet. Don't be drained, keep Him 1st, and all else will follow.

Do you really enjoy your life? Perhaps you should re-examine your primary goal. Love Pastor Cindi


Anonymous said...

Great message Cindi!! I check in on you and read your wonderful messages when I can! How about that book you need to write, have you started? I just know it will be awesome!

love and prayers,

Stacy Schlobohm

Pastor Cindi said...

Stacy, how wonderful to see you are staying with me . Yes you are sure a encouraging soul on getting my book written. Thank You. My heart is sure full after the last trip it felt so long. I want to get the book on the shelf. Please don't stop encouraging me.I am glad your for me. His Grace is suffienct for me. Love you Cindi

Anonymous said...

Cindi, I think of you and pray for you often. The world is waiting for your story in black and white and I know the Lord will lead and guide you! Count me in line for first copy!

love you!

Stacy Schlobohm

Anonymous said...

Pastor Cindi -

You are such a blessing to me. As I read the words on the page I see God speaking through you! It is really exciting! One day I really would like to meet you because you are divinely blessed!

Jennifer Dane

Anonymous said...

Cindi I know that what God has planned in your life will rise to a place where Christ is shown even clearer beacause you have challenged me as a young women to add her light to a destiny of showing that there is none other but the lover of my soul and all else is futile.

Anonymous said...

Dear precious, sweet and dear heart, Pastor Cindi,

I would just like you to know that I felt so very blessed and happy to have met you in South Africa at the Womans Conference (Woman of Excellence!) in July this year. As far as meeting people, that weekend was the best weekend i have ever had. The conference was so powerful, blessed and very strongly annointed. You have been such a inspiration to me and the presence of God's joy flows through you. You radiate His love in such a big way.
The book you want to write will be a sellout!! i know because God has and is still using you do mighty things and you always express that your success is to His glory.
God will lead you when writing your book. Several people that have written books to give Him glory, have all been inspired by The Holy Spirit.

Please know you are such a blessing and a inspiration to me. I love you lots and lots!

Anonymous said...

What a powerful messgage...a drained existence. I can so relate to that. But as you say to make a reminder to spend this certain amount of time with God everyday as a goal just like any other goal I would set is awesome. I do want Him in that number one spot, but don't seem to be doing what it takes to acheive that. This is now my new goal. Thank for sharing this. I love you so much!!!

Kellie Crayton

Anonymous said...

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